Stealth Control - Testing

Story created by VexenFox ∙ 11 September 2023

Gemma signs up to be a test subject in a ‘Temporary Human Neuroengineering Trial’ that’s a little bit hazy on the details. It turns out a new neural transmitter and receiver pair are being tested, which allows somebody to experience all the sensations from, and control all the inputs to, somebody else’s body. Unfortunately for Gemma, she’s the receiver, and it really does feel like she’s still the one in control…

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  • Stealth Control - Testing

    Chapter written by VexenFox ∙ 14 December 2021

    Gemma signs up to be a test subject in a ‘Temporary Human Neuroengineering Trial’ that’s a little bit hazy on the details. It turns out a new neural transmitter and receiver pair are being tested, which allows somebody to experience all the sensations from, and control all the inputs to, somebody else’s body. Unfortunately for Gemma, she’s the receiver, and it really does feel like she’s still the one in control…

  • “Test Number One, beginning!”

    The voice came out of a small loudspeaker on the wall across from me. I didn’t know exactly what was being tested, but I figured it had something to do with the injection they’d given me when I first arrived.

    My name is Gemma, and I’m just broke enough that getting paid $500 to be a subject in a ‘Temporary Human Neuroengineering Trial’ was pretty damn appealing.

    I’d followed a listing on the student board all the way to this dingy room in the back of the nanotech building, where some excited postgraduates had made me sign a consent form and explained that they couldn’t explain anything before the experiment started. Then they stabbed me in the arm with a needle and left. Really helpful.

    I deduced it had something to do with the new nanobots the faculty had been working on. These microscopic machines could be put into a syringe and injected into mice, where their nervous system could be stimulated directly by a human wearing an EEG or something. I’d seen videos on instagram of the mice being made to run around mazes and do things they couldn’t have figured out so quickly on their own. 

    I found that stuff super fascinating. Were they going to get me to control a mouse with my own set of nanobots? Or would they try to get my arm to jerk under somebody else's control, like that BrainNet/TMS experiment back in 2019? That would be kinda hot. I shivered and felt myself get a little bit aroused.

    I looked down and briefly cupped my boobs with my hands, a little gasp coming out of my mouth. Then I snapped my head up and stared at the wall across from me, throwing my hands down to the sides. Had anybody seen that?

    I glanced at a camera on the wall above me. I hadn’t noticed it before, but I smiled and shrugged at it anyway. It would be super embarrassing if somebody caught me fondling myself in the waiting room, I guess I felt like I needed to apologise.

    I got up, feeling a little bit clumsy and awkward, and walked over to a whiteboard on the other side of the room. I stumbled in my heels on the way and twisted my ankle a little bit. Ouch. Normally I was pretty good at walking in heels.

    I went and picked up a blue pen and began to write some numbers on the board. 3, 6, 8, 1… I was just scribbling, wasting time while I waited for the experimenters to get back. I noticed I was slouching uncharacteristically as I wrote, so I thought about straightening my back. Kinda odd that I “thought” about it, instead of just doing it, but you know. I decided I was too engrossed in the drawing to muck up my positioning, so I just stayed slouched.

    Maybe that was better, anyway, because my nipples were really hard. Like, eraser hard. I wanted to look down to check if they were poking through my dress, but didn’t think I could risk it. Instead I just gave one a subtle little rub as I drew on the board. 

    Ooooh, yes, they were hard. A huge wave of pleasure shot through me as I touched my nipple… I don’t know what’s gotten into me! I gave myself a shake and muttered to myself in embarrassment. “They should have gotten a girl to do this test.”

    I’d written a few silly words like “Red” and “Pineapple” on the board, and drawn an ugly picture of a cat. Satisfied, I walked back to my seat and sat down. I shivered a little bit. It was kind of cold in here.

    Thankfully, one of the researchers chose that moment to walk back into my little waiting room. He smiled at me. Yung? Was that his name? I gave him a small smile back.

    “Is the experiment going to start soon? I’m getting bored just waiting here.”

    “Sure, just a few questions first. Is that alright?”

    He was going to follow some rigid formula for questions, I knew it. Didn’t they teach these guys how to socialise? That sort of formalism isn’t necessary in normal conversations!

    “Firstly, did you notice anything strange while you were waiting here?”

    Noooo, what did he mean? I wasn’t exactly going to tell him about getting horny out of the blue!

    “Nope, nothing unusual. I was just waiting, nothing happened.”

    “And did you write this on the board?”

    “Yeah, who else would have?”

    His smile grew deeper. “No, that’s great. Could you tell me why you wrote these numbers?”

    “They just came into my head, is all.” I shrugged. “If I’d written a different number you would have asked why I chose that one. It’s just random.”

    “Very good. And this picture of a cat, why did you draw that?”

    “I just like cats.”

    “You didn’t feel any unusual urge to draw a cat?” Yung asked, peering at me curiously.

    “No…? I didn’t even realise it was going to be a cat until I was halfway through doodling.”

    What was this guy getting at? Why was he so interested in my ugly scrawling on the wall? Funnily enough, I usually had really nice handwriting.

    “Very good! Okay Gemma, we’re about ready to go to the second test, and good news! I get to explain what’s going on now!”

    Yung sat down opposite me and grinned. He was really excited. 

    “We’re testing the first high fidelity brain-to-brain interface!” 

    I frowned at him. “What does that mean, exactly?”

    “It means you get to be the receiver, while somebody else in the other room gets to send instructions to your brain.”

    Now that was super cool. Groundbreaking, even! I wondered what it would feel like to have some technology “write” to my brain. I know it would be super crude, but still, it was going to be a hell of an experience.

    “The injection you had earlier contained a solution with two trillion nano-scale neurostimulators. Another subject received a similar injection of neuro-readers, and we’ve successfully connected the two of you!”

    “Wait, so, you mean you’ve already connected our brains? When does the experiment start?”

    Yung laughed. “It’s already started!”

    “Like, you’ve been observing our brains and now part two is to try and make my hand twitch, or something?”

    “No, no, no!” Yung looked at me cheerily. “I mean we’ve already controlled you!”

    “I- what? How?”

    I hadn’t felt any weird jolts or muscle twitches. Except for when I stumbled in my heels, perhaps, but I think that was just me being clumsy. 

    “Everything you wrote on the board, Gemma, that wasn’t you. That was the other subject -- we asked him to do exactly that.”

    I stared at him. Was this just some psychological test to see if you believed anything a researcher told you?

    “I... think you’ve made a mistake, I was just doodling.”

    “No, see, we didn’t really know how your brain would process it. Would it feel like your limbs were out of your control? Would you black out? It looks like it’s much simpler -- your brain just pretends that it was the one that made those decisions!”

    “I’m not pretending! I really did decide to do all that!” I gestured at the board, frustrated. I was getting a bit loud, but Yung wasn’t listening to me at all! I think I would know if some guy with a brain interface had controlled me.

    “It’s like a split brain patient, Gemma. If you cut the corpus callosum and ask one hemisphere of the brain to do something, the other half will pretend that it was it’s idea all along -- and it will make up nonsense justification. That is essentially what you’re doing now!”

    This didn’t make any sense. I had decided to get up, hadn’t I? I’d… gotten horny all of a sudden. That wasn’t like me. But I’d had hot flashes before. I was still the one controlling myself, right? Come to think of it, I had acted a bit odd. I’d said “They should have gotten a girl to do this test.” out loud. Why had I said that? Why had I gotten up? Could Yung be telling the truth?

    “The next test is to see if the effect remains now that you’re aware of it. I’m going to leave the room again, just sit there and do whatever comes naturally. I’ll be back to check on you in a bit.”

    “Umm… okay then.”

    This couldn’t be real, could it?

    I sat in my chair and bounced my leg nervously on the floor. If Yung was telling the truth, some guy had used my body to write some nonsense on the whiteboard. He’d made me stand with bad posture, he’d twisted my ankle… he’d made me get horny!

    No. I’d done all of those things. I couldn’t get past the thought that if somebody else had been moving my body I would know. The prior probabilities pointed strongly to this being a psychological test, Yung was just trying to work out how gullible I was.

    But still. If I had been controlled, how would I know? Could I somehow test it from the inside? Maybe if I decided to do something -- or not do something -- I could tell if I was being controlled. If I actually did do it, then I knew I was myself. If I found myself doing something else, then I must have been controlled. That seems simple enough, right?

    So I decided I’d just sit here and not do anything, and to hell with this whole test. That’ll show Yung and his team of nerds, teach them to play with my mind… I shivered a little bit.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if I just pretended that I was controlled, though? I looked down and smiled. Yeah, that would really show them. I poked one of my boobs and watched it jiggle.

    What would I do if I was being controlled? Moreover, what would the person controlling my body do? I stood up and wobbled slightly, feeling a little bit off balance in my heels. I chuckled and kicked them off. “Well, they told me to relax in here.” I said to myself, brushing myself down.

    I noticed I scuffed one of them when I kicked it off. ‘That wasn’t good,’ I thought. I kinda wanted to take a closer look, but instead I sashayed over to the whiteboard again and grabbed a marker. If I was going to pretend I was being controlled then I had to commit to it.

    Instead of writing anything on the whiteboard, I turned and looked at my reflection in the window, grinning at the other me. I gave myself a little wave and chuckled.

    “I bet you still think you’re the one in control!” I said to myself, slyly. “Well news flash, lady. You aren’t.” Oh yeah, I was good at this whole ‘pretending-to-be-controlled thing’. I took the marker lid off and ran it around my lips like lipstick, leaving an ugly black smudge on my mouth. 

    “Haha, I can make you do anything!” I laughed. I stuck out my tongue and wiggled it about, tasting the dirty marker on my lips. Then I winked at myself and began scribbling over my cheek. I doodled over my nose and eyelids, totally ruining my makeup with the ugly marker. This is exactly the kind of thing I’d do if I was controlled, I thought, that’ll really fool Yung.

    I ran the marker down my neck and found myself staring at my cleavage. I was wearing a simple black dress today that doubled as a bra, but I still looked pretty hot. I felt my body begin to become aroused again as I looked down at my boobs, the marker poking into one. 

    I mustn’t be taking good care of myself -- becoming this horny from just the odd stray thought really wasn’t reasonable. I glanced around, then popped out one of my boobs, pulling the side of the dress down and wiggling out of the strap. I stared at my hard nipple in awe, then poked it with the end of the marker. It left a little black spot. I chuckled at the absurdity of it all.

    I took the boob in my other hand and kneaded it gently. A wave of pleasure washed through me and I gasped. I usually didn’t get this aroused from touching my nipples, I was kind of a downstairs girl. I mean, two minutes in the shower playing with my clit and I was done. I wondered what had changed about me, was it just because of the danger of doing it where I might be caught?

    I squeezed my boob harder, moaning slightly. Oh yeah, this did feel good. I reached down with my other hand and felt around the flat space between my legs, exploring carefully, as if I was touching myself for the first time…

    I jumped as I heard the door open. Yung walked in, smirking, but I didn’t cover myself. If that pervert wanted to catch me with my top off, so be it.

    “Having fun?” he asked casually.

    “Fuck yeah dude. You have to have a turn of this,” I said. I… don’t know why I said that. What a weird thing for me to say.

    “That’s enough now, I have to quiz her on what happened. See you back in the other room.”

    “Laters.” I shivered a little bit, it was cold in here with my chest exposed. Chest exposed! Eek! I quickly covered myself up. What had I been thinking! Touching myself? Letting this nerd see my boobs? I know I was just playing around to try and trick him, but gees, that seemed too far. What had gotten into me?

    “Okay Gemma, tell me. Why did you draw all over your face?”

    I touched my cheek self-consciously. Some of the ink rubbed off onto my fingers.

    “I- ,” my words caught in my throat. My excuse seemed so stupid now that I had to explain myself. “I was pretending to be controlled to trick you.” I said dumbly. I cringed.

    “I see,” said Yung, “And why did you pull your dress down?”

    “Um, well…” I paused. Hold the horses. Why had I pulled my dress down? It was definitely not something I would do -- no matter how hard I had been pretending to be controlled. What the actual fuck?

    “I was being controlled?” I whispered to Yung, not quite believing it.

    “Very good!” he said happily. “What was the give away?”

    I swallowed. This was so weird. I still felt like I had been the one to do all of that. Even when I had looked at my reflection and told myself I was being controlled - that still felt like me. I could remember deciding to do that! Not in a ‘I’ve thought about this decision’ kind of way, but just like when you randomly decide to skip for a few steps down a path, or to whistle for no reason.

    But I believed Yung. I had been controlled. There was no way I would have played with myself in public like that if I’d been the one behind the wheel. But if I hadn’t been told I was being controlled… hell, even if I’d been told but only made to do half-way reasonable things, there’s no way I would have figured it out.

    “It was the boob thing. I wouldn’t have exposed myself like that.”

    I knew at that point that this neurostimulator stuff was powerful. You could rule the world with that stuff. Did Yung and his team know what they’d created here? Did they see the potential? I doubted it.

    “Ah, that makes sense,” Yung said, noting something down on his tablet. “Okay then, for this next test I’d like you to try and resist the commands coming from the other subject. He’s going to try and make you stand up and do star jumps, you just need to stay sitting down and not move. Is that okay?”

    I nodded and sat down on the chair opposite Yung, holding myself rigidly. So that’s how it’s going to be, is it? 

    “Go ahead,” I said “I’m not going to move.”

    I sat there tensely, staring at Yung who sat opposite. Yung smiled at me and tapped a few more times on his tablet.

    “I’ll stay in the room this time. You should expect to be mounted soon.”

    Mounted? Is that what they were calling it now? I felt butterflies in my stomach. Would I be able to resist? Would I even be able to tell if I was being controlled? Yung seemed satisfied that I had been able to tell last time, but really I’d only figured it out afterwards. 

    No. I would be able to. Neurorecivers or not, I was in control of myself, and I was ready. I shivered a little bit at the thought, then glanced down at my hands. I flexed them experimentally, wiggling my fingers in front of my face. I was still in control so far, at least, since my hands were certainly responding properly.

    I looked up at Yung and smirked. “I’m back.” I told him, happily. Not that I’d ever left, you know, just that I… hadn’t left… hadn’t been… -what? What was I saying? I thought about opening my mouth to clarify myself, but decided against it. A moment later I opened it anyway.

    “Star jumps, was it?” I found myself asking. “Why not make it more interesting, eh?”

    I knew the answer to that already since Yung had just told me -- I was going to be mounted and made to do starjumps and I was supposed to resist. All I had to do was stay sitting down. I wouldn’t give in to this damn thing.

    I stood up. 

    ...just to stretch for a moment then I’d sit back down again, I figured. 

    Wait, no, that wasn’t right, was it? I’d decided not to stand up at all, why had I suddenly changed my mind?

    Oh no. I knew why, of course. I was being controlled. Right this moment, I was being controlled by some guy in the next room. 

    I knew that intellectually, but I certainly didn’t feel like it. I looked down and stared at my chest, reaching my hands up to grope my boobs. I felt every bit like I was the one the one doing it. This was so damn weird! I knew I was being controlled, I knew that somebody else was fondling my chest without a care in the world, but I didn’t feel like it. I felt like I was just standing here, poking at my boobs for no reason whatsoever. Or, really, for whatever stupid reason my mind made up to explain my actions a second after my body moved.

    I slipped my arms out of the straps and pulled my dress all the way off. It caught on my wide hips and I wiggled as I tried to force it down all the way.

    And that still felt like me! Even though I knew this dress was meant to come off the other way - over my head - and I would never make such a stupid mistake. Hell, I’d never undress in front of this damn nerd in some university waiting room full stop! 

    Some part of my mind was pressing upon me that I was doing this just because I was nervous and wanted to take control of the situation by flaunting my sexuality… and it felt like such a good excuse, even though I knew it was just total bullshit generated by my unconscious brain and spoon-fed to me.

    I watched as I finished undressing myself, tearing off my panties in one swell movement, and kicking off my socks ungracefully. I wiggled my toes into the carpet, admiring my black nail polish. My eyes traced the gentle curves of my legs up to my crotch, and I gasped as I stared at my own vagina. I patted it with one of my hands, becoming so incredibly aroused. I grinned at Yung.

    “Okay, star jumps.” I said slyly.

    I decided right there that I was going to grab my dress and run from this room as fast as I could. I have pretty damn good willpower, and I really decided to do it, right then and there… but I didn’t. My body just stayed where it was, a stupid smirk on my face, and I felt like I’d changed my mind on the whole leaving thing… even though I knew on some level I really hadn’t!

    I decided to just get this over with and do the damn star jumps. At least, that’s what I felt like I decided, because at that same moment my body started jumping up and down, my arms swinging out. 

    Ugh, I wasn’t even doing them properly! My breasts bounced against my chest uncomfortably as I hopped high in the air. I hit my leg hard on the coffee table below, but found myself ignoring the pain as I kept going.

    And more concerningly - I could feel myself getting so wet it was beginning to leak down my leg. Oh. My. God. I felt like I was a creep by getting aroused from exposing myself here, even though I knew it was really some guy’s arousal coming through in my body as he controlled me. 

    That was freaky to think about. This guy was making me wet from the inside. He was making me feel like I was turned on by looking at my own body, as he controlled my eyes and hands and pussy.

    I stopped doing star jumps and grinned down at Yung, panting. He was staring at me open mouthed, the tablet hanging forgotten in front of him.

    I winked. “Wanna touch her tits?”

    He was kinda cute, sitting there all flustered. I wiggled my chest at him suggestively, feeling my breasts sway slightly from side to side. My pussy ached between my legs and I wanted nothing more than to run off and give it a quick rub, but my feet held firm.

    I strutted up to him, popping my hips from side to side suggestively. I knew I could seduce this nerd if I wanted to. I liked the power that gave me over him. I might be the naked one, but he was the one in my control... Okay, so probably not my control, but it sure felt like it. Would it be so bad just to relax and go with the flow?

    A moment later I fiiinaaally reached a hand down and began playing with my clit, pinching it between my fingers like I was holding a little dick. I jerked my hand up and down gently. Hmmm… Still, I moaned slightly at the sensation and didn’t break eye-contact with Yung. It wasn’t the smoothest way to masturbate, but whatever.

    I reached down with my other hand and wrapped it around Yung’s hanging wrist, then pulled his hand up to my chest. He stiffened slightly but didn’t complain, so I figured he was okay with it. I mushed his fingers into my breasts and moaned again, throwing my head back in apparent ecstasy.

    That seemed a bit overboard. I was rolling my head from side to side and moaning in pleasure… from just having some nerd grab my breasts? “Fuck yeah…” I breathed. I had to admit I did feel damn amazing - I was so wet I could feel it sticking to my thighs. I could sense a major orgasm on the way as I squeezed my clit between my thumb and forefinger. My fingers kept slipping off as I tried to masturbate, though, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to change the position...

    “It’s so fucking small!” I complained between moans. “I can’t get a good grip. How do girls fucking do this?”

    My fingers slipped off again and I growled in frustration. Fuck it! I grabbed Yung by the back of the head and shoved his face forcefully into my wet snatch.

    “Eat me out!” I shouted down at him. “Quickly!”

    Yung tried to say something but I pushed his head in harder until he finally gave in and began licking.

    ‘I’m not an ice-cream, you gumbi!’ I thought, disappointed. I wanted to tell him how to do it properly, but instead I just pushed his face in harder and moaned. Ooh. Oh, actually, that wasn’t too bad. My vagina clenched as his tongue grazed my clitoris. Oh yeah, that’s the spot. Right there! Right there!

    I gasped. I could feel the orgasm building up now. My legs began to shake and I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. I used both hands to shove Yung’s face so hard against my pussy it hurt, but I didn’t care, I was past the point of no return, I was sex, I was pleasure, I was ooooOOooooHHHOHH!!

    My whole body shuddered in the biggest orgasm I’d ever felt in my life. My hands clenched, my toes wiggled, my legs gave out. I collapsed to the floor in a heap, writhing on the ground in an almost alien level of pleasure. I convulsed on the ground, my vision completely white as I felt wave after wave of pleasure flow through me…

    Oh my god. That was… that was a good one.

    Yung had been thrown back onto the couch. He now looked down at me with an expression of worry on his face. What was he worried about? That was fucking a-ma-zing.

    “Alright.” I said “I’ll get out now.”

    A second later my head dropped back against the floor and I shivered slightly. 



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muted-building ∙ 08 December 2023

Did something change in this story?

VexenFox Author ∙ 25 December 2023

No, it shouldn't have. I'm not sure why it updated, working on fixing the way that's handled to avoid similar issues.

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