A slimy entanglement

Story created by jibaky ∙ 11 September 2023

Helen had never been as cold as she felt when an accident turned her into a slime. Fortunately for her, David's body is warm and nice, and she could even transform it into a copy of hers. He wasn't sure how to feel about his new tenant, but being able to explore her nice body sometimes was an interesting perk, hopefully he'd be able to help her to her old body before anything too weird happend to them.

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  • A slimy entanglement

    Chapter written by jibaky ∙ 10 May 2023

    Helen had never been as cold as she felt when an accident turned her into a slime. Fortunately for her, David's body is warm and nice, and she could even transform it into a copy of hers. He wasn't sure how to feel about his new tenant, but being able to explore her nice body sometimes was an interesting perk, hopefully he'd be able to help her to her old body before anything too weird happend to them.

  • When she first woke up during that Tuesday morning, Hellen really wasn’t expecting how much her life would change. At first it was one day like any other, she would get up, take a bath, have breakfast, and go on, trying out the state of the art in perfumes and colognes. She had a very sharp sense of smell since childhood, and it was how she made a life by developing them, and eventually, having them developed for her.

    The 45-years-old was nothing like one would expect from someone approaching her fifties. She had worked hard, both in her line of work, and in keeping her body in top shape. Hellen was tall, and had the proportions to take full advantage of it. The 5 feet 9 blonde had ample breasts, and wide hips, though her waist wasn’t as thin as it used to be, it, together with the slightly pudgy belly, was the most blatant show of her age one could see. Still, she was a prime example of a MILF, or at least she would, if she had birthed any kids at all.

    Still, Hellen Rivers was a successful business woman, and held a lot of power and influence in the context she existed in.

    That is why she really didn’t know how to feel, and what to think about being reduced to a simple blob of liquid.


    Vanessa was Hellen’s personal assistant. A mousy woman, the 37-years-old was as different from her boss as one could. Where Hellen was tall, blonde and charismatic, Vanessa was short, brown haired, and very shy. She often wondered how she’d even got the job. Still, she was very competent at managing her boss’ schedule, she would make sure Hellen went where she needed to go, and got there when she needed to be. She even managed to balance that with being a single mother to her son, David.

    David was a 19-years-old college student. The only thing that wasn’t completely average about him, was his skin tone. While his mom was pale, he looked vaguely mediterranean, with a beautiful golden olive skin tone. He was back home for the first time since he started college, and was eager to spend his whole vacation doing nothing productive.

    He woke up early that day, and started preparing breakfast when his mom walked in.

    “Oh, ain’t this is a nice surprise. Good morning honey, thanks for making breakfast today,” said the woman, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

    “Morning, no problem, I got used to waking early at school, so it’s no problem.”

    After he finished, each of them grabbed a plate, got their share, and sat down to eat.

    “So, what’re you up to today?” Asked the young man.

    “Uhh, ms. Rivers is going to a product test facility today, so I gotta accompany her. Sorry for not being able to spend more time with you while you’re home,” answered the mom, slightly dejected.

    “Hey, don’t worry, I’ll probably just stay at home and play video-games, I have a lot to catch up on from these past few months.”

    They kept up the small talk, glad for being able to appreciate each other’s presence for the first time in a few months.

    Eventually Vanessa left for work. Exactly 15 minutes after she arrived, and got the day’s routine set up with the drivers, Hellen arrived.

    “Good morning ma’am, here’s your coffee, we’ll be leaving in 5 minutes to the first facility”

    “Good morning Nessa, as efficient as always, hiring you was the best decision I made,” smiled the older woman. “Will there be any meeting later today, or is it just sampling the whole day?”

    “Unless something unexpected comes up, only sampling ma’am.”

    “You do know that you don’t need to call me ma’am all the time, right? It makes me feel old, and we’re really close in age.”

    “I do, ms. Rivers,” the blonde visibly brightened at that, “but I also feel that professionalism is important to keep a healthy working relationship, so I’ll keep it that way, ma’am”.

    “One day, I'll get you to call me something else, just wait.”



    Hellen wasn’t sure what happened, but when she woke up, she couldn’t feel anything. It took a few minutes to finally start feeling something. It was faint, but she could feel something pulling, so she pulled back. The longer she pulled, the more she felt, until she finally became cognizant of her surroundings. 

    She was inside a bathroom, a very big bathroom. She also noticed she was currently very light, and couldn’t hear anything. She would be panicking by now, but since her only sensations were cold, weight, and sight, she didn’t really know what to do. I was almost as if she was separated from anything, just a little ball of cold that could see.

    She tried pulling again, and her point of view moved a bit. With nothing else to do, Hellen moved around aimlessly. She couldn’t really control which directions she was moving at first, not having much reference on which way was where, besides up and down, but as she moved, she started noticing the general shape of the bathroom.

    By pulling in specific ways, she discovered that she could even move her eye, which made moving to specific places a lot easier. As she moved around she really began to realize that something was wrong. She couldn’t see her body below her, and her field of view seemed to be a lot larger than her usual one, but what shocked her the most was not having her sense of smell. That was why she crawled as fast as she could to the cabinet. If she could climb it, she could look at herself in the mirror, and see what happened to her.

    She didn’t know how long it took, but after getting up on the cabinet, and climbing the sink’s faucet, she finally reached the mirror. It wasn’t possible. It couldn't be happening! She would NOT believe she was now a creepy slime thing. It could only be a bad dream, and if she closed her eyes, she was sure she would eventually wake up and all would be normal. She tried so hard to wake up that she didn’t notice someone entering the bathroom.

    David was worried, his mother had been very upset when she got home last night, and didn’t want to comment on what happened. She just arrived, took a shower, and went to bed. He wasn’t sure what happened, but he was worried. He hoped she would be feeling better that morning.

    It was around 3 AM that he stopped playing to go to bed. One day at home, and he was already doing his best to fuck over his sleep schedule, but he wasn’t worried, he had plenty of time to get used to wake early again before he returned to campus. After turning off his computer, he went to the kitchen to drink a cup of water, careful not to make a sound.

    Whatever happened at her work, his mom had come home dirty. There was some dried out residue on the path leading from the entry to the bathroom. He hoped it was nothing that would stain the floorboards, or his mother’s clothes.

    Next he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a last leak before bed. When he entered he was surprised. There was more of the residue on the floor here, but that wasn’t all. Not only was it still fresh in the bathroom, there was a blob of slime made of it atop the sink, and it looked to be almost looking at itself in the mirror, carefully turning its main tentacle? Body? He wasn’t sure, but the pale beige colored blob thing was creepy as hell.

    “What the fuck…”

    Finally Hellen felt something that was warm. She slowly turned back, and saw a young man standing behind her, in front of the opened door. She didn’t know what came over her at that moment, but as soon as she saw him, her first instinct was to jump on him. She didn’t know how to jump, but it was almost as if her new blobby body knew exactly what to do.

    “Argh!” cried David, the cold slimy thing hitting him in the chest.

    Hellen didn’t know what was happening, but after all of this time feeling cold, she had a nice new source of heat right here. The man’s body felt like it was almost boiling, but the only parts that could feel its heat were the surface in direct contact with his body. So she did the only thing she could to make the cold stop, she slithered inside his mouth.

    David tried his best to pry the thing from his body, but it was too slippery, and every time he managed to dislodge some of it, it just flowed right back, until it managed to get to his face. He wasn’t sure he ever tasted anything like that. The beige slime tasted salty, and smelled kind of like alcohol, at least it did until it reached his nose, which prompted the thing to invade every orifice in his face it could.

    The boy was really trying to stop her, thought Hellen, but she couldn’t pass on the opportunity to escape the coldness she first felt in her new form, and so she strived to invade him from every hole she could find. She couldn’t believe how warm it felt inside his throat. She felt him shaking around while she entered his throat, but as she arrived at his stomach, she felt his body quieten. She slipped inside until she was contained completely inside his belly, and once there, she finally relaxed, overwhelmed by the comfy heat of his body.

    The young man briefly lost consciousness from lack of air, but as soon as the slime stopped obstructing his airways he came back. As he forcefully breathed, he looked around, and noticed that all the residue on the bathroom’s floor was gone.

    “What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck…” murmured the confused man. He felt as if he had two little beings on each shoulder, arguing, and making his head hurt. Maybe it was all a dream, one side claimed. But it felt too real, said the other. After he stood up, and with his mind in disarray, he carefully went to his room, and plopped down in the bed. Whatever that was, it could wait until morning, as he felt more tired than ever.


    Hellen woke up still feeling tired that morning. She was glad that last night turned out to be a weird dream. She looked at the clock, and saw that it was still early morning, and that her mother hadn’t gone to work yet, so she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. It was only after she started cooking, that she noticed that her mother had been dead for quite some time by now, and that she always ate something at work, never needing to cook her own breakfast.

    It was at that moment that she dissociated from David, who kept concentrating on the stove. As soon as she noticed that she wasn’t herself, it was as if she felt herself slightly unlatching from the body she was now. she could still feel it, but now it wasn’t as vivid as her own body, or how it was a few minutes before. She wasn’t sure what had happened, but seemed to be in David’s body.

    Of course, she didn’t know who David was, but she apparently knew his name. She kept watching subtly as he cooked breakfast for him and his mom. Just as he finished, his mom entered the room, surprising the woman.

    “Hey mom, feeling better.”

    “A little,” answered the short woman.

    “What happened yesterday?” asked the curious son.

    “There was an accident yesterday at one of the testing facilities. No one really knows what happened, but after one of the bottled samples spilled over ms. Rivers, she had a bad reaction. She puked into me, and fell unconscious. I called the hospital when I woke up, and she’s still asleep,” explained the tired mother.

    “Damm, hope she gets better. Are you going to work today?”

    “Yeah, I need to go, explain what happened, and cancel everything in the near future.”

    “Well, good luck on that, I didn’t sleep well tonight, so i’ll be resting a little bit.”

    “OK honey, I’ll be off then,” she says as she finishes her breakfast, stands up, hugs and kisses her son on the cheek.

    While this happened, Hellen was astonished. Somehow, after an accident yesterday, she had turned into some sort of goo creature, and was now riding along with her personal assistant’s son.

    After David washed the dishes, he went to bed, and tried to go back to sleep. Hellen had tried to control the body again, but all she could do was to engage again with his body in a way that felt like she and him were the same person. Everything he did, and every thought he had, felt like they were her own. It was only after he laid down in his bed that she noticed something. She could still push and pull from inside his body.

    David had started to feel warm. He thought that he had just had a bad dream, and that was the reason he felt so tired, but when he started to feel uncomfortably warm, he figured that something bad was happening. He quickly took off his clothes, now drenched in sweat, meaning that he could clearly see the changes happening in real time.

    The first change was his skin tone. He could see splotches of his skin clearing, his hairy tanned skin into soft, turning hairless and pale. Slowly he felt his bones and joints crack, but instead of breaking, or moving, as he expected form the noises, they turned soft and flexible, before changing shape and disposition. His figure was changing from average, but clearly masculine into something that was very much feminine. After a while of this, he stopped feeling the discomfort from earlier, and started feeling a deep pleasure. Pleasure that only heightened as he saw a pair of breasts swelling on his chest. He moved his hands to touch them, but only grew more confused from seeing his hands, now small and delicate. They felt soft and sensitive to the touch, his now smaller hands almost sinking into the soft bosom he now sported.

    The pleasure was overwhelming, David’s mind was almost blank right now, especially as his manhood changed shape. It retreated back into his own body, becoming a mound, with a pair of lips hiding a deeper slit that led inside his body. The last thing to change was a small nub on the newly formed vagina, and upon its completion, David came, unable to stand his new soft and more delicate form.

    Hellen was surprised by how easy it was to shape David’s body into an almost identical copy of hers. Almost, because she was visibly younger. The pudge she had gotten from age was still there, but she now featured less age marks, and her womanly assets were now springier than they had been for the last 10 years. She also noticed she was a little bit taller than she had been, though still shorter than David was. While he was recovering from the orgasm, she also noticed she could finally control their shared body.

    It was how she stood up and walked to Vanessa’s room, to admire herself in the mirror. She found that she could consult David’s memories, which is how she found her way around the house. As she marveled about her younger visage, and at her recovered sharp sense of smell, she felt her control suddenly be wrenched from her.

    “What the fuck is going on, why am I a chick? When did I come to the mirror?”, questioned the worried young man.

    “Ugh, why couldn’t you stay gone for a little while!”

    "WHO 'S THERE!” asked David, turning around and looking for whoever had spoken.

    “Oh, you can hear me now?” asked the pleasantly surprised older woman, from inside his mind.

    “I SAID WHO’S THERE, COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!” demanded the now frantic man.

    “Oh, kid, I'm sorry, but I'm inside your mind, you won’t find me by looking around.”

    “My head? Am I going crazy?”

    “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it, you were well awake last night, when I entered your body.”

    “That was you! Wait, that was real !?” questioned David, on the verge of freaking out.

    It took quite some time for his new tenant to calm him down. Hellen was worried he’d do something that could seriously injure himself, in an effort to get rid of her.

    “So you’re saying that the weird slime last night was you…”


    “And that you’re currently inside my body.”


    “And that you transformed me into a very attractive woman.”

    “Yeah, that was by accident, though.”

    “And that you’re my mom’s boss.”

    “That pretty much sums it up”

    “Well, when are you leaving then?” asked David.

    “That’s the problem, I don’t know how to.”

    “What do you mean you don’t know?”

    “I mean that this is all as new to me as it is to you, so i have no idea what i’m doing!”

    “God dammit” mumbled the recently turned young woman, before looking at himself in the mirror.

    He wasn’t sure about how to feel about his new form. The orgasm he felt when he finished turning into a young Hellen Rivers was like nothing he had ever felt. He could also see how beautiful and attractive she was. That feeling was what led him to start pawing at his heavy breasts. He had touched other women’s boobs before, but he couldn’t help but notice how different it felt to touch his own breasts. 

    David was slowly getting aroused for himself. He was beautiful, his breasts felt wonderful, and he could feel himself getting wet every time his fingers brushed against his soft skin. This all led to the moment where he was laying on the floor, legs up, and looking at his pussy in the mirror. 

    His velvety folds were very delicate, and he could feel his juices slowly leaving it. Usually, he would never be able to resist seeing such a beautiful woman, presenting herself like this for him, but now, he was the beautiful woman presenting himself. He slowly started to explore his lower lips, noting how different it felt compared to his cock. Instead of hard, it was soft, warm and wet, his pussy was different than anything he ever felt. He tentatively stuck a finger inside, and could barely believe how good it felt. It was as if a very deep itch he never knew he had was finally being scratched. It was as if he was meant to be filled by something. 

    While this happened, Hellen was feeling everything. She didn’t like having a man so blatantly exploring her body, but she supposed that it was her fault that he had it, and that it was better to have him drunk on pleasure than to be panicking. It was with that in thought that she decided to slide herself into his mind, feeling how it was to explore her body from a new perspective. 

    With one hand teasing his inside, David’s other hand started exploring the outer layer of his new vagina. The last part that had appeared in his new body, was a tiny nub in his vagina, and for the first time, he felt as if he had a good idea of what he was doing. Information came unbidden in his head, about how to pleasure his clitoris without hurting himself by accident. It was a very sensitive organ, so he made sure to lubricate his small fingers as well as he could, before carefully massaging it. 

    David felt like he was in heaven. This female body was incredible. It was as if every second he kept stimulating his vagina and his clit, every nerve ending in his body were getting more and more sensitive. He rode the wave of pleasure until it crashed into the orgasm of his life. 

    As he recovered from the orgasm, Hellen stood up and started cleaning her assistant’s room. It wouldn’t be good for either of them if she arrived and saw the mess they had made here. After that, she went to David’s room, before laying down, and relaxing. As their body lost the slight tension it had, ever since David first noticed what it had become, Hellen finally noticed that once more, she could push and pull her insides.

    This time, she warned David about it, before beginning to rearrange his body back.

    Once he returned, David felt a weight leave his shoulders, and so, finally managed to fall asleep.



    Vanessa had a rough day. Her boss was still unconscious, so there were a lot of things she had to manage so the company wouldn’t implode. She had called every person that had a meeting marked for the next week and a half, and helped to do the parts of Hellen’s work that she could to help the company keep running in her absence. Hopefully Hellen would wake soon, and she would be back to her normal work. It was exhausting, but at least she was used to it.

    She had just arrived from work, when David left his room.

    “Hey mom, how was work?”

    “You know, busy, especially since ms. Rivers are not there. How are you feeling?”

    “I slept a bit during the afternoon, after I woke up I was all better. I ordered a pizza, if you don’t mind.”

    “Oh, that’s great, I try not to indulge, but today has been hellish, I deserve some cheesy goodness,” joked the woman.

    David wasn’t sure how to tell his mom that her boss was currently inside him. It wasn’t something that was easy to digest for anyone, so he hoped that she would understand. Hellen wasn’t sure how to feel about this, but she supposed that Vanessa was the only way she could try and get back to her body. She really hoped that by going back to it, she’d be able to instinctively go back inside it, like she first did to David.

    As the time passed, the pizza arrived. As they ate, Vanessa noticed how anxious David looked.

    “Honey, are you alright?” asked the worried mother.

    “Ok. Ok! No big deal. So, last night, something very weird happened,” started the young man. “When I went to sleep, i got attacked by a blob monster”

    The two kept silent after this.

    “David, son, are you doing any kind of drugs? You know you can trust me, right?”

    “No, mom, no! There was something in the bathroom, and it entered my mouth, and when I woke up this morning, I could hear a voice in my head. Your boss’ voice.”

    “David, Hellen is in a coma, you better stop this right now, young man!” said the now angry mother. How could he be joking about something like this!

    “Look, I can prove it to you,” he said while standing up.

    Hellen knew that this was her prompt. She pushed and pulled at David’s body, slowly but surely turning him into a younger version of herself. They had tried the transformation a few more times that afternoon, and she had learned how to do it without overwhelming the boy with her body’s new sensations.

    Vanessa wasn’t sure how to react. First her son tells her that something entered his mouth during the night, then he claimed it was her comatose boss, and now, he was somehow turning into her

    “Well, here it is mom…” said the now young woman to his mother.

    “Please don’t call me mother while you look like that,” asked the older woman, slightly creeped out.

    “Well, i can talk with Hellen in my head, and we want-”

    “Please, just, just give me some time to think, I don’t know how to handle this right now,” she said and left for her room.

    “Welp, this could’ve gone better,” said David.

    “Yeah, if I had a son, and he suddenly turned into Vanessa, I’d have also been shocked. Give her some time, and hopefully she’ll come to terms with it by tomorrow morning.”

    “Right, can you turn me back?”

    “Sorry kid, give me half an hour. I guess you can enjoy my body until then, as payment”

    “Okay then,” lamely answered the young woman, walking back to his room.


    In the end, David didn’t have any fun with his hot new body that night. He fell asleep as soon as his head hit his pillow. That is not to say that said body hadn’t been thoroughly enjoyed. In the morning, Hellen had woken up before David had, meaning that until he did, she had control of their shared body. She stood up, and stretched, noticing her bare breasts. David liked sleeping without a shirt, as a result, she couldn’t help but grab her boobs and lightly play with them.

    She had never had any attraction to her own body, so she surmised that this was David’s own arousal at her filled out figure influencing her. She could barely keep her eyes away from her perky pale globes and pink areolas. They hadn’t looked this good in ages. The way they wiggled and wobbled as she moved them with her hands, or by shaking her torso was almost hypnotizing. She found herself giggling at the sight.

    It wasn’t long before she felt a familiar dampness between her legs. She had always heard about morning wood, had, in fact, felt it yesterday, but she wasn’t expecting it to happen to her while in her female shape. She sat down on the bed, and finally let go of her breasts. It really was different to be riding the body herself, instead of riding along with David, either by sharing his mind fully, or by sitting in the backseat. 

    As she started massaging her sopping wet pussy, she noted that it was a lot more sensitive than she used to be. She thought it had felt like that at first, because her host was not used to the new hardware, but her inner warmth was now growing to heights it had never gone to in her own body. She gently pressed her fingers on her waiting clitoris, she always did that before trying to plunge anything into her needy hole. When she got to her vagina proper, it was so wet that she couldn’t believe it.

    While Hellen was busy masturbating, David woke up like a sudden flash of thunder. One moment he was dreaming quietly, the next he was feeling almost immeasurable pleasure. As soon as his consciousness was fully back, he returned to the driver’s seat, but unlike the last day, he felt himself instantly melt into Hellen’s mind.

    David had never felt like this when she masturbated before. Not even sex had ever felt this good. She had experienced men with a lot of different sizes and experience, but she guessed that nothing would ever come close than using an actually different, more sensitive tool for the job. She could only wonder how having actual sex would be like with her new pussy.

    David disconnected from Hellen as fast as he could. He wondered how she had managed to keep herself out of his mind yesterday. Being her not only in body, but in mind, was so tempting that he almost got carried away.

    As Hellen finally climaxed, she slowly lost control of the body, as David instinctually reasserted himself.

    “Jesus Christ, Hellen. When I woke up I thought I was you for a second…”

    “Oh, sorry about that. How was it.”

    “It was certainly an experience. Being you is different, you’re more confident, more sure of yourself. It was almost like I was losing myself into you. Was that how it felt whenever you melded with me yesterday?”

    “Not really, I thought I was you during it, but it was quite easy to distance myself, and then to go back inside it.”

    They stood up, Hellen changed the body back to its default form, and David went to start breakfast. Before he could start, though, he found that his mother had already done it.

    “Oh, hey mom, good morning,” said the unsure young man.

    “Morning. You two were a bit loud this morning, woke me up a bit earlier…” said the woman, sitting down with her plate.

    “Sorry about that. In my defense, it wasn’t me in the wheel,” he answered, piling the food on his own plate, and going to sit down.

    “Oh! I see. Even now it’s hard to understand that you’re now both one person…”, the latter part being muttered by the older woman. “Anyways, I’ll be going to the hospital to check up on ms. Rivers. Hellen, do you think that you could leave my son’s body if I took you with me?” She asked, looking David straight in the eye.

    The first thing that Hellen noticed was that Nessa had finally called her by name. I was almost enough to make her happy, unfortunately, she knew that she couldn’t answer with any certainty.

    “She said that she will try her best, but she isn’t sure she can even leave my body. She couldn’t the last time she tried.”

    “I suppose that’s as good as we’ll get. Get ready, we’ll be leaving in 20,” gone was the mother, Vanessa the personal assistant was now here.


    They were finally here. David was feeling surprisingly anxious at being in front of Hellen Rivers’ hospital room. As they entered it, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat sad that if it worked out, he’d never be able to feel that female pleasure again.

    Hellen felt a pit in her stomach. When she first possessed David, she had felt a very overwhelming warmth, and her slimy body had instinctively knew what to do, but standing in front of her body, all she felt was cold. It was as if she was rejecting her body. She was worried. She didn’t want to steal a young man’s body, her assistant’s son’s body at that, but neither did she want to be relegated to a voice inside his head, giving him her body whenever he wanted to have fun with it. 

    After standing in front of the bed for a few minutes, David decided to approach it. The only ones in the room currently were him, his mother, and Hellen’s old shell. He took her somewhat cold hands into his, and felt something. Her body wasn’t all that much colder than a normal body is meant to be, but he felt a strange cold still. 

    Neither of them knew this, but the cold was actually Hellen’s. As David touched her body, she felt cold all of a sudden. I was just like when she first woke up in her new form. She was scared she would be unable to return to her body, when suddenly, a fountain of warmth surged close by, and she went after it with as much strength as she could muster.

    David and Vanessa were startled as Hellen’s body suddenly sat straight, with open mouth and eyes, looking at nothing. The same beige colored slime that had entered his body a few nights before was leaving her mouth, though now in better lighting, looked distinctly fleshy. It lunged at David, once more invading his mouth before he could react.

    Hellen felt good, it was as if a missing part of her was reconnecting to her. The cold was slowly fading away, giving way to David’s warmth.


    Although Helen didn’t manage to return to her body, not all was lost. Vanessa had been very scared when, after a creepy beige substance flowed from her boss’ comatose body into her son’s, said body suddenly evaporated into scentless smoke.

    Hellen had been completely transformed, from a parasitic entity, into a true symbiotic one. Where before she could only take control of David’s body sometimes, and couldn’t leave, she was now more than able to change hosts, and had a bigger influence on her host, as long as they were transformed into her body.

    Eventually she reached an accord with Vanessa and David. They would both continue living their lives as normal, but as long as she could still be herself part of the time, she’d leave all of her fortune at their disposal, they were her new bodies after all. She used Vanessa as a host when she needed to be her older self, and Devid whenever she wanted to have some fun with her younger body.

    Now, David would go back to college during the week, and return home on the weekends, where he would merge with Hellen to have fun clubbing, and Vanessa would be the main host during the week.

    As David aged, he kept spending more and more time as Hellen, eventually taking over as her during the whole week. He had to be honest, being Hellen Rivers was amazing. He got a degree in biology and chemistry, and used that with whatever turned Hellen into a slime, to make cosmetics that actually helped people to remain younger for longer, and that was the excuse they used for her seeming eternal young looking face.

    Eventually, Hellen and David decided to completely fuse themselves. They had spent so long melding with each other’s minds, that it was almost trivial to do it at that point. One day they just woke up and knew that they were more or less the same person, so they just decided to keep joined, with the added benefit of being able to change between their male and female bodies whenever they wanted.

    They lived for a long time, and eventually even got married. The new Hellen finally had kids, and fortunately, none of them had weird powers from their mother’s unique circumstance. But accidents still happen, so weirder things could still be up in the air.

    All in all, They had a good time. Nothing either of them expected to happen that night, but for them, it was enough.

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