Working Remotely

Story created by Kripto ∙ 26 April 2024

A newly married couple find their lives upended when the wife goes to work for a company where all is not as it seems. 

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  • Working Remotely Chapter 2

    Chapter written by Kripto ∙ 21 May 2024

    Riley has her first day of working from home. Marcus learns the truth about Riley and must make a choice, causing Ben to see his wife in an entirely new light.

  • The room rippled with sexual tension as Ben tried to understand what he was seeing. He wasn’t dumb, it was that this just defied what he knew of his wife’s sexual proclivities. Riley, his sweet wife, was slouched in his gaming chair in her makeshift office, masturbating as she stared at the screen of her company laptop. 


    The erotic sounds he’d heard through the thin walls had led him to investigate, but they had not been coming from porn, but directly from his wife as she got herself off. Even now Ben saw that Riley was not watching a video of actors, but was watching her own body projected onto the screen from the laptop’s camera. A blinking red light indicated that she was recording herself. 


    Ben had never before seen his wife masturbate. She’d always been very conservative, even making them wait till marriage to have sex. She’d made it absolutely clear that she did not approve of masturbation. Yet here she was, rubbing one out like he hadn’t been a room away and very capable of hearing her. 


    Riley had swiveled to face him, her face a mask of confusion and irritation. She held him fast with her piercing blue eyes and asked him who he was. But Ben had barely registered this. He was too focused on where her hands still were. One cupped her left breast, her small fingers curling around the large springy boob, squeezing it rhythmically. Her other hand was between her legs, which were spread wide. Her middle finger rubbed frantically up and down her slit. 


    Ben was not capable of answering Riley at that moment. All he saw was his wife behaving in a way he’d wished she would for so long. Misunderstanding the situation, he tried to seize an opportunity. 


    “Please,” Ben begged as he lowered his sweatpants to reveal his hard dick. “Please let me watch you babe. I’ve never seen you touch yourself before. It’s fucking hot!”


    Riley’s eyes lowered to Ben’s rigid member. It twitched just a few feet away in her direction, and her face became a disgusted sneer as she looked back up at him. “Watch where you point that thing,” she said coldly. She seemed to hesitate then, to almost turn back around. She even pulled her left hand off her boob and reached behind her to help spin …

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RT101 Supporter ∙ 25 May 2024

Loved the continuation! I can't wait for more.

Petr_Zuty Supporter ∙ 30 May 2024

Great continuation, I'm already looking forward to the next part.