A Demon's Possession

Story created by alex_izeri ∙ 24 October 2023

It's not easy to bargain with demons, which Eddie discovers the hard way after he escapes death by trading his soul to the demon Azir, a handsome and charming resident of Hell. Azir promises to return Eddie's soul in exchange for allowing demons the use of his body for their own amusement. It's the last deal he wants to make, but if he wants to save his soul, it may be his only choice.

masturbation possession first person pov oral MTM gay anal demon possession male solo plot development incubus light bondage

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  • The Angel, the Incubus, and the Imp

    Chapter written by alex_izeri ∙ 08 November 2023

    As if one demon isn't enough, Eddie meets a determined angel, a desperate incubus, and a derpy imp. Each of them has a problem only Eddie can solve, but when one of the solutions is his own death, what's he supposed to do?

  • The angel stood before me, glowing softly, their wings folded behind them, but still almost filling the doorway.


    “You...You’re a...”


    “I am Zahriel,” they said, “an Angel of the Lord.”


    “Holy shit,” I whispered, earning that reproachful look again. “Sorry. I just...You’re really an angel.” I don’t know why I was surprised, considering that I’d just spent the last hour with a demon. Azir, however, had at least looked human. This being wasn’t even trying to blend in. “What are you doing here?”


    “Setting things right,” Zahriel said with a frown. They regarded me for a moment, then sighed. “I really hate this part of the job.”


    I stared, wide-eyed, as the angel drew a long, shining sword from somewhere within the folds of their robes. Blue-white tongues of flame danced along the blade as Zahriel raised the sword in the air and stepped toward me.


    I scrambled back with a yell, tripping over my discarded shoes and falling hard against the cold, tiled wall beside the toilet. As the sword swung down toward me, I raised one arm, holding out my hand as if I could ward off the blow. There was a crackle and a rumble like thunder, and Zahriel reeled backward, wings flapping to help them maintain their balance, knocking crap off shelves and clearing the top of my dresser as they stumbled back into my bedroom.


    Heart pounding, I slowly straightened up, tearing my gaze from the dazed angel to look down at my hand, where the demon’s mark blazed with the light of hellfire.


    “What the hell just happened?” I asked.


    “Exactly,” Zahriel said, putting their sword away and giving me a disgusted look. “I can’t believe you let that infernal creature mark you.”


    “Well, it looks like it’s a good thing I did,” I said. “You tried to kill me!”


    “You’re supposed to be dead,” Zahriel said. “You should have died tonight in a car accident.”


    “Says who?” I asked, earning another look from the frustrated angel. “Oh, right. But why? Why was I supposed to die?”


    “I don’t know,” they said. “I am not privy to God’s Plan, I am simply sent to set it right when things go awry. Now, will you allow me to do my job and end your life before you cause any more trouble?”


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